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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert GillettMale1879Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Arthur James GillettMale1901Marnhull, Dorset 
Charles GillettMale1861Marnhull, Dorset 
Edward GillettMale1833Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Edwin GillettMale1868Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Ernest GillettMale1872Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Eva GillettFemale1892Marnhull, Dorset 
Frank GillettMale1891Marnhull, Dorset 
Frederick GillettMale1898Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
George GillettMale1821Marnhull, Dorset 
Helena Kate GillettFemale1897Marnhull, Dorset 
Henrietta GillettFemale1888N.K., London 
Ida GillettFemale1884Marnhull, Dorset 
Iris GillettFemale1897Marnhull, Dorset 
James GillettMale1864Marnhull, Dorset 
Mary GillettFemale1877Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Minnie GillettFemale1875Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Thomas H. GillettMale1823Stafford, Dorset 
Tom GillettMale1888Marnhull, Dorset 
Victor GillettMale1898Marnhull, Dorset