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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alice K. FrickerFemale1894Mere, Wiltshire 
Edith M. FrickerFemale1897Mere, Wiltshire 
Ella M. FrickerFemale1895Mere, Wiltshire 
Emily FrickerFemale1872Laverton, Somerset 
George FrickerMale1838Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire 
George FrickerMale1853Mere, Wiltshire 
George FrickerMale1901Mere, Wiltshire 
Gladys FrickerFemale1896Mere, Wiltshire 
James FrickerMale1829Mere, Wiltshire 
James FrickerMale1831Mere, Wiltshire 
John FrickerMale1871Mere, Wiltshire 
Joseph FrickerMale1898Zeals, Wiltshire 
Julius FrickerMale1875Laverton, Somerset 
Julius FrickerMale1895Mere, Wiltshire 
Julius A. FrickerMale1841Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire 
Walter FrickerMale1881Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire 
William FrickerMale1856Mere, Wiltshire 
William FrickerMale1900Zeals, Wiltshire