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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Agnes M EnglishFemale1868Holwell, Dorset 
Albert EnglishMale1873Holwell, Dorset 
Allan Reginald EnglishMale1896Holwell, Dorset 
Annie E EnglishFemale1874Holwell, Dorset 
Beatrice M EnglishFemale1878Holwell, Dorset 
Charles John EnglishMale1869Holwell, Dorset 
Edwin G EnglishMale1857Maperton, Somerset 
Elwyn EnglishMale1864North Barrow, Somerset 
Freda EnglishFemale1884Holwell, Dorset 
George EnglishMale1841Maperton, Somerset 
Henry William EnglishMale1845Allweston, Dorset 
Hilda B EnglishFemale1885Holwell, Dorset 
Kate M EnglishFemale1866Maperton, Somerset 
Kathleen M EnglishFemale1890Holwell, Dorset 
Linda S EnglishFemale1888Holwell, Dorset 
Mabel C EnglishFemale1876Holwell, Dorset 
Maurice R EnglishMale1876Holton, Somerset 
Norah V EnglishFemale1888Holwell, Dorset