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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Cecil EdmundsMale1900Mere, Wiltshire 
Edith EdmundsFemale1894Mere, Wiltshire 
Edwin J. EdmundsMale1897Mere, Wiltshire 
Elsie EdmundsFemale1893Mere, Wiltshire 
Eric R. EdmundsMale1886Mere, Wiltshire 
Ethelwyn M EdmundsFemale1895Mere, Wiltshire 
Ewing A. EdmundsMale1890Mere, Wiltshire 
Frank EdmundsMale1865Bath, Somerset 
Frank H. EdmundsMale1893Mere, Wiltshire 
Harold W. EdmundsMale1888Mere, Wiltshire 
Henry H. EdmundsMale1858Silton, Dorset 
Herbert A. EdmundsMale1885Mere, Wiltshire 
Leslie E. EdmundsMale1899Mere, Wiltshire 
Mary EdmundsFemale1897Mere, Wiltshire 
Vera EdmundsFemale1896Mere, Wiltshire 
William EdmundsMale1855 
William T. EdmundsMale1865Mere, Wiltshire 
William T. EdmundsMale1894Mere, Wiltshire