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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Arthur EastmentMale1900Chilthorne Domer, Somerset 
Bessie EastmentFemale1889Halstock, Dorset 
Charles EastmentMale1839Hardington Mandeville, Somerset 
Frederick EastmentMale1855Halstock, Dorset 
Frederick C. EastmentMale1900Leigh, Dorset 
George EastmentMale1873Hardington, Somerset 
Georgina EastmentFemale1896Chilthorne Domer, Somerset 
Henry EastmentMale1888Halstock, Dorset 
John EastmentMale1861Hardington Mandeville, Somerset 
Mary EastmentFemale1873Halstock, Dorset 
Samuel EastmentMale1898Chilthorne Domer, Somerset 
William EastmentMale1891Vagg Hill, Somerset