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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alice DouchFemale1880Hammoon, Dorset 
Amy DouchFemale1882Hammoon, Dorset 
Annie E DouchFemale1891Fiddleford, Dorset 
Dora DouchFemale1891Hammoon, Dorset 
Emily J DouchFemale1879Fiddleford, Dorset 
Frederick DouchMale1831Shillingstone, Dorset 
Frederick G DouchMale1889Fiddleford, Dorset 
George DouchMale1867Hammoon, Dorset 
Henry DouchMale1876Hammoon, Dorset 
Infant DouchFemale1901Hammoon, Dorset 
James DouchMale1859Hammoon, Dorset 
Leonard H DouchMale1898Hammoon, Dorset 
Robert DouchMale1859Hammoon, Dorset 
Rosa DouchFemale1895Hammoon, Dorset 
Samuel DouchMale1840Fiddleford, Dorset 
Sydney DouchMale1885Hammoon, Dorset