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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Ada Louisa DikeFemale1868Stalbridge, Dorset 
Albert Edward DikeMale1879Stalbridge, Dorset1953
Alice DikeFemale1872Stalbridge, Dorset 
Beatrice DikeFemale1877Stalbridge, Dorset 
Elizabeth DikeFemale1829Stalbridge, Dorset1905
Emma Jane DikeFemale1866Stalbridge, Dorset1925
Harry DikeMale1874Stalbridge, Dorset 
Henry Thomas DikeMale1830Stalbridge, Dorset1881
Isaac DikeMale1832Stalbridge, Dorset1906
James DikeMale  
James DikeMale  
James DikeMale1837Stalbridge, Dorset1912
James DikeMale1838Stalbridge, Dorset 
James William DikeMale1880Stalbridge, Dorset 
Lizzie DikeFemale1879Stalbridge, Dorset 
Louisa DikeFemale1869Stalbridge, Dorset1911
Rosa Maria DikeFemale1873Stalbridge, Dorset 
Sidney DikeMale1890Stalbridge, Dorset 
Thomas DikeMale