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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Elizabeth DallyFemale1885Chilcompton, Dorset 
Ambrose DallyerMale1878Challacombe, Devon 
Annie DallyerFemale1889Challacombe, Devon 
Annie L DallyerFemale1878Challacombe, Devon 
Bertha DallyerFemale1874Challacombe, Devon 
Charles R DallyerMale1884Challacombe, Devon 
Elizabeth E DallyerFemale1887Challacombe, Devon 
Emma DallyerFemale1858Challacombe, Devon 
Eny Mary R DallyerFemale1882Challacombe, Devon 
Ernest J DallyerMale1893Barnstaple, Devon 
Evelyn P DallyerFemale1900Challacombe, Devon 
Frederick DallyerMale1867West Buckland, Devon 
Gertrude D DallyerFemale1896Challacombe, Devon 
Helen DallyerFemale1864Challacombe, Devon 
John DallyerMale1876Challacombe, Devon 
John B DallyerMale1881Challacombe, Devon 
John R DallyerMale1898Parracombe, Devon 
Kathleen E DallyerFemale1896Barnstaple, Devon 
Margaret A DallyerFemale1894Challacombe, Devon 
Reginald F DallyerMale1894Barnstaple, Devon 
Richard DallyerMale1841Challacombe, Devon 
Richard DallyerMale1890Challacombe, Devon 
Richard S DallyerMale1897Challacombe, Devon 
Sidney J DallyerMale1900Parracombe, Devon 
Susan DallyerFemale1872Challacombe, Devon