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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Cecil CozensMale1898Blandford, Dorset 
Edwin Jas. CozensMale1857Blandford, Dorset 
Eliza CozensFemale1859Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Elizabeth CozensFemale1783Swyre, Dorset 
Fanny CozensFemale1894Waterloo Crescent, Milborne Po, Milborne Port 
Fred CozensMale1890Waterloo Crescent, Milborne Po, Milborne Port 
Frederick George CozensMale1884Blandford, Dorset 
Harry CozensMale1861Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Harry CozensMale1861Chilfrome, Dorset 
Harry CozensMale1895Waterloo Crescent, Milborne Po, Milborne Port 
Henry CozensMale1838Coryates, Dorset 
Hilda CozensFemale1893Blandford, Dorset 
John CozensMale1855Kingston Russell, Dorset 
Mary CozensFemale1851Powerstock, Dorset 
Mary Watson CozensFemale1814Abbotsbury, Dorset1893
Reginald CozensMale1896Blandford, Dorset 
Robert CozensMale  
Robert CozensMale1886Clifton Maybank, Dorset 
William CozensMale  
William CozensMale1888Clifton Maybank, Dorset