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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Clarence Coplestone ColbyMale1834Plymouth, Devon1838
Edmund Reynolds Colby, M.A.Male1833Great Torrington, Devon1885
Frederic Clarence Coplestone ColbyMale1868Exeter, Devon1931
Frederic Thomas Colby, D.D., F.S.A.Male1827Plymouth, Devon1899
Henry ColbyMale17861809
Herbert Charles Palmer ColbyMale1865Exeter, Devon1868
James ColbyMale1780Great Torrington, Devon1819
Kate Henrietta ColbyFemale1840Plymouth, Devon1841
Knox Reynolds M ColbyMale1892Devon1896
Mary Beatrice ColbyFemale1870Exeter, Devon1870
Mary Ellen Theresa ColbyFemale1830Plymouth, Devon1868
Samuel Reynolds ColbyMale1864Malta 
Thomas ColbyMale1750Great Torrington, Devon1824
Thomas ColbyMale1782Great Torrington, Devon1864