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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Agnes ClarkeFemale1873Affpiddle, Dorset 
Alfred T. ClarkeMale1900Affpiddle, Dorset 
Annie ClarkeFemale1869Affpiddle, Dorset 
Annie A. ClarkeFemale1873Thame, Oxfordshire 
Annie C. ClarkeFemale1898Weymouth, Dorset 
Annie E. ClarkeFemale1883Affpiddle, Dorset 
Beatrice A ClarkeFemale1893Moreton, Dorset 
Bertram ClarkeMale1900Shapwick, Dorset 
Bessie ClarkeFemale1866Stalbridge, Dorset 
Bessie ClarkeFemale1898Shapwick, Dorset 
Charles ClarkeMale1873Shapwick, Dorset 
Charlie ClarkeMale1872Affpiddle, Dorset 
Charlie C. ClarkeMale1900Affpiddle, Dorset 
Daisy Eleanor ClarkeFemale1888Stalbridge, Dorset 
Edward Elihu ClarkeMale1885Stalbridge, Dorset 
Elihu ClarkeMale1861Stalbridge, Dorset 
Elizabeth ClarkeFemale1869Stalbridge, Dorset 
Elizabeth ClarkeFemale1875Affpiddle, Dorset 
Elizabeth Lee ClarkeFemale1809Hyde, Cheshire 
Elizabeth M ClarkeFemale1887Chantmale, Dorset 
Elsie M ClarkeFemale1898 
Ernest ClarkeMale1875Shapwick, Dorset 
Eva Emmeline ClarkeFemale1896Stalbridge, Dorset 
Eva M ClarkeFemale1890Whitfield, Dorset 
Florence H. ClarkeFemale1886Ilminster, Somerset