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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert ChinnMale1872Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Bertram ChinnMale1883Marnhull, Dorset 
Daisy ChinnFemale1898Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Ellen ChinnFemale1866Hampshire, Swathling 
Emanuel ChinnMale1822Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Harry ChinnMale1853Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Herbert ChinnMale1875Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Herbert ChinnMale1899Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Ida ChinnFemale1892Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
John ChinnMale1829Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
John ChinnMale1891Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Richard B ChinnMale1855Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
William ChinnMale1873Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
William ChinnMale1900Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Alfred ChinnockMale1867Blandford, Dorset 
Fred ChinnockMale1879Blandford, Dorset 
George ChinnockMale1845Blandford, Dorset 
George ChinnockMale1863Blandford, Dorset 
John ChinnockMale1900Blandford, Dorset