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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Arthur BurgesMale1896Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset 
Elizabeth BurgesFemale1853Henstridge, Somerset 
Harry C. BurgesMale1893Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset 
Lucy BurgesFemale1890Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Margaret A. BurgesFemale1900Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset 
Olive M. BurgesFemale1898Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset 
Thomas BurgesMale1868Purse Caundle, Dorset 
Albert C BurgessMale1894Mackay, Queensland, Queensland 
Albert E BurgessMale1868Chesilborne, Dorset 
Alice BurgessFemale1900Corscombe, Dorset 
Charlotte Louisa BurgessFemale1864Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Edward P BurgessMale1891Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Edwin Jack BurgessMale1904Stalbridge, Dorset 
Eliza Ann BurgessFemale1865Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Elsie Mary BurgessFemale1892Stalbridge Weston, Dorset 
Emily L BurgessFemale1896Mackay, Queensland, Queensland 
Emma Kate BurgessFemale1879Bishops Caundle, Dorset 
Eva Emma BurgessFemale1894Stalbridge Weston, Dorset 
Evelyn S S BurgessFemale1896Stourton Caundle, Dorset 
Florence J BurgessFemale1883Wareham, Dorset 
Frank BurgessMale1837Purse Caundle, Dorset 
Frank Benjamin BurgessMale1878Hull, Yorkshire 
Frederic G BurgessMale1883Bishops Caundle, Dorset 
George BurgessMale1830Purse Caundle, Dorset 
Gertrude BurgessFemale1897Mackay, Queensland, Queensland