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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
A G BullMale1880n.k., Middlesex 
Fred B. BullMale1883Milborne Port, Somerset 
George BullMale1840Aston, Northamptonshire 
Edward Bull BazeleyMale1839Moreton Pinkney, Northamptonshire 
Edward Bull BazeleyMale1898Adstone, Northamptonshire 
John Alfred Bull BazeleyMale1889Adstone, Northamptonshire 
Arthur BullerMale1892Boscombe, Wiltshire 
James F. BullerMale1847Famborough, Somerset 
John BullerMale1889Boscombe, Wiltshire 
John Francis BullerMale  
Kimbra BullerFemale1890Boscombe, Wiltshire 
Mary BullerFemale 1787
Rosa BullerFemale1893Boscombe, Wiltshire 
Tom B. BullerMale1887Boscombe, Wiltshire 
Daniel BullockMale1845Beaminster, Dorset 
Edith Anne BullockFemale 1929
Frances M BullockFemale1885Melbury Osmond, Dorset