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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Clara BuglerFemale1891Corscombe, Dorset 
Eli BuglerMale1879Riddle Hinton, Dorset 
Elizabeth A. BuglerFemale1901Loders, Dorset 
Ernest W BuglerFemale  
Florence BuglerFemale1893Beaminster, Dorset 
Fred BuglerMale1888Corscombe, Dorset 
George BuglerMale1874Beaminster, Dorset 
George J BuglerMale1854Thornford, Dorset 
Harry G. BuglerMale1879Marshwood, Dorset 
James BuglerMale1852Beaminster, Dorset 
John BuglerMale  
Mabel BuglerFemale1884Longbredy, Dorset 
Martha BuglerFemale1876Beaminster, Dorset 
Rose K BuglerMale1888Longbredy, Dorset 
Thomas H BuglerMale1861Kingston Russell, Dorset 
Violet E BuglerFemale1892Toller Whelme, Dorset