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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Ada BucklandFemale1869Thornford, Dorset 
Albert BucklandMale1879Thornford, Dorset 
Annie BucklandFemale1884Thornford, Dorset 
Benjamin BucklandMale1886Thornford, Dorset 
Charles BucklandMale1844Bagber, Dorset 
Eliza BucklandFemale1864Stourpaine, Dorset 
Frederick BucklandMale1872 
George BucklandMale1837Lydlynch, Dorset 
Gladys L BucklandFemale1899 
Sarah BucklandFemale1872Blandford, Dorset 
Sidney BucklandMale1876Thornford, Dorset 
William J. BucklandMale1874Thornford, Dorset