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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alice Florence BuckFemale1874Raipore, India1875
Angelica BuckFemale1819 
Ann BuckFemale  
Anne Bettina BuckFemale18091823
Anne Maria BuckFemale1828 
Annie May BuckFemale1864 
Catherine BuckFemale18181825
Catherine Isabella BuckFemale1820 
Dorothy BuckFemale16671733
Elizabeth BuckFemale17871831
Elizabeth BuckFemale18301915
Emma Helena Harriet BuckFemale18171840
Ernest Stucley BuckMale1866Secunderabad, India1870
Ethel Maud BuckFemale1872Chetterpore, India 
George BuckMale  
George BuckMale16711743
George BuckMale1718 
George BuckMale17311794
George Paul Orchard BuckMale17811781
George Pawley BuckMale17821805
George Stucley BuckMale1755Bideford, Devon1791
Grace Eileen Joly Beresford BuckFemale1899Ajmere, Calcutta, India1924
Harriet Charlotte Holstein BuckFemale18221835
Harriette Grace BuckFemale1856Singapore 
Hartwell BuckMale 1691