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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Ada BridleFemale1896Blandford, Dorset 
Albert J. BridleMale1889Margaret Marsh, Dorset 
Alice M BridleFemale1885Horsington, Somerset 
Arthur BridleMale1890Margaret Marsh, Dorset 
Beatrice BridleFemale1899Blandford, Dorset 
Charles BridleMale1822Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Charles BridleMale1846Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Charles BridleMale1847Sherborne, Dorset 
Charles BridleMale1853East Morden, Dorset 
Charles BridleMale1884Moreton, Dorset 
Edward BridleMale1889Moreton, Dorset 
Edwin J. BridleMale1885Stour Row, Dorset 
Elizabeth BridleFemale1866Yeovil, Somerset 
Elizabeth BridleFemale1879Liverpool, Lancashire 
Eva Bessie BridleFemale1887Margaret Marsh, Dorset 
Frederick BridleMale  
Frederick BridleMale1893Affpiddle, Dorset 
Harry BridleMale1898Affpiddle, Dorset 
Harry E. BridleMale1894Margaret Marsh, Dorset 
Harry W. BridleMale1899Abbotsbury, Dorset 
James BridleMale1849Stour Provost, Dorset 
John BridleMale1848Abbotsbury, Dorset 
John R. BridleMale1852Affpiddle, Dorset 
Louisa BridleFemale1883Stawbridge, Dorset 
Louisa BridleFemale1883Stour Row, Dorset