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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Ada BissFemale1891Henstridge, Somerset 
Albert BissMale1872Henstridge, Somerset 
Albert BissMale1885Henstridge, Somerset 
Alfred BissMale1884Henstridge, Somerset 
Allen W BissMale1891Henstridge, Somerset 
Arthyr BissMale1870South Cheriton, Somerset 
Beatrice BissFemale1888Henstridge, Somerset 
Bertie BissMale1880Henstridge, Somerset 
Charles BissMale1851Henstridge, Somerset 
Ellen BissMale1838Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset 
Elsie BissFemale1898Henstridge, Somerset 
Frank BissMale1869Henstridge, Somerset 
Fred BissMale1894Henstridge, Somerset 
George BissMale1861Henstridge, Somerset 
George F BissMale1887Henstridge, Somerset 
Harry T BissMale1889Henstridge, Somerset 
Henry BissMale1860Henstridge, Somerset 
Henry BissMale1875Henstridge, Somerset 
Henry BissMale1894Henstridge, Somerset 
Henry BissMale1895Henstridge, Somerset 
Jim BissMale1892Henstridge, Somerset 
John BissMale1865Henstridge, Somerset 
John BissMale1898Henstridge, Somerset 
Lucy BissFemale1885Henstridge, Somerset 
Marie BissFemale1850Henstridge, Somerset