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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Ann BishopFemale1861Puddletrenthide, Dorset 
Anne E.S. BishopFemale1901Croydon, Surrey 
Annie BishopFemale1877Chard, Somerset 
Archibald BishopMale1884Colaton, Devon 
Charles BishopMale1851Pimperne, Dorset 
Elizabeth BishopFemale1874Langton Herring, Dorset 
Ernest R BishopMale1874Henstridge, Somerset 
Henry BishopMale1850Luppitt, Devon 
James BishopMale1900Henstridge, Somerset 
John BishopMale1821East Chilwick, Dorset 
John BishopMale1839Portisham, Dorset 
May BishopFemale1899On, Sussex 
Percival BishopMale1882Langton Herring, Dorset 
Sarah BishopFemale1868Stourpaine, Dorset 
William BishopMale1869Langton Herring, Dorset 
William BishopMale1887Colaton, Devon 
Witham BishopMale1866Sherborne, Dorset