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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert H. BirdMale1889Mere, Wiltshire 
Arthur R. BirdMale1896Mere, Wiltshire 
Bertram W BirdMale1887Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Bessie BirdFemale1874Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Bessie BirdFemale1877Evershot, Dorset 
Caroline BirdFemale  
Edward BirdMale1880Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Elsie G BirdFemale1900Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Frances M BirdFemale1898Yeovil, Somerset 
Francis L. BirdFemale1887Mere, Wiltshire 
Frederick H BirdMale1884Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Henry BirdMale1843Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset 
Henry BirdMale1885Melbury Osmond, Dorset 
Henry BirdMale1898Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Henry W. BirdMale1868Melbury Bubb, Dorset 
John BirdMale1877Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Lizzie BirdFemale1883Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Oliver G BirdMale1900Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Susanna BirdFemale  
Violet J. BirdFemale1899Longburton, Dorset 
Walter S BirdMale1873Chetnole, Dorset 
William BirdMale1845Chetnole, Dorset 
William BirdMale1855Zeals, Wiltshire 
William BirdMale1870Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
William G. BirdMale1879Mere, Wiltshire