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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Ada BarrowFemale1899Challacombe, Devon 
Ann BarrowFemale1900Parracombe, Devon 
Edith BarrowFemale1892Challacombe, Devon 
Ernest R BarrowMale  
Florence BarrowFemale1896Parracombe, Devon 
Frederick BarrowMale1859Stoke Canon, Devon 
Frederick BarrowMale1895Challacombe, Devon 
Henrietta BarrowFemale1852Bratton Fleming, Devon 
Henry BarrowMale1830High Bray, Devon 
John BarrowMale1823High Bray, Devon 
John BarrowMale1861Parracombe, Devon 
Mary BarrowFemale1888Challacombe, Devon 
Thomas BarrowMale1898Parracombe, Devon