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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Anne Pyne BalsonFemale1851Allington, Dorset 
Annie E. BalsonFemale1890Allington, Dorset 
Annie P. BalsonFemale1852 
Arthur BalsonMale1820Dorset 
Charles BalsonMale1801Allington, Dorset 
Dorothy Bona BalsonFemale1903Allington, Dorset 
Elizabeth BalsonFemale1824Dorset 
Emma BalsonFemale1854Allington, Dorset 
George BalsonMale1798Allington, Dorset 
Henry BalsonMale  
Henry BalsonMale1796Allington, Dorset 
James BalsonMale1803Allington, Dorset 
John BalsonMale1793Allington, Dorset 
John BalsonMale1856Allington, Dorset 
Joseph BalsonMale1808Allington, Dorset 
Kathleen Amy BalsonFemale1907Allington, Dorset 
Mary BalsonFemale1829Dorset 
Olive May BalsonFemale1902Allington, Dorset 
Richard BalsonMale1826Allington, Dorset1890
Richard John BalsonMale1862Allington, Dorset 
Robert John BalsonMale1860Allington, Dorset 
Sarah BalsonFemale1805Allington, Dorset 
Sarah BalsonFemale1822Dorset 
Selina BalsonFemale1834Dorset 
William BalsonMale1865Allington, Dorset