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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alexander N BailwardMale1895Horsington, Somerset 
Annette Barbara Henrietta BailwardFemale1848Horsington, Somerset1914
Arthur Churchill BailwardMale1855Horsington, Somerset1923
Constance C BailwardFemale1890Horsington, Somerset 
Constance Elizabeth BailwardFemale1842Horsington, Somerset 
Francis John Poore BailwardMale1846Horsington, Somerset1894
John BailwardMale1799Horsington, Somerset1868
John BailwardMale1884Horsington, Somerset 
Mary Beatrice BailwardFemale1850Horsington, Somerset1899
Maurice W BailwardMale1894Horsington, Somerset 
Mellever Susanna Elizabeth BailwardFemale1857Horsington, Somerset1874
Samuel BailwardMale  
Thomas Henry Methuen BailwardMale1843Horsington, Somerset 
William Amias BailwardMale1852Horsington, Somerset1918