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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Edith S AnningFemale1887Chard, Somerset 
James AnningMale1857Musbury, Devon 
Kate E. AnningFemale1889Chard, Somerset 
Louie AnningFemale1886Bristol, Gloucestershire 
Mabel AnningFemale1891Haydon, Dorset 
Albert George LanningMale1880Brockleton, Dorset 
Angelina LanningFemale1893Kington Magna, Dorset 
Beatrice LanningFemale1885Castle Cary, Somerset 
Caroline J. LanningFemale1896Kington Magna, Dorset 
Charles LanningMale1865Henstridge, Somerset 
Eliza LanningFemale1843Spetisbury, Dorset 
Elizabeth LanningFemale1868Bruton, Somerset 
Elizabeth Sophia LanningFemale1865Longburton, Dorset 
Ethel LanningFemale1882Henstridge, Somerset 
Eveline LanningFemale1892Henstridge, Somerset 
Flora L. LanningFemale1891Kington Magna, Dorset 
George LanningMale1828Haydon, Dorset 
George LanningMale1840Henstridge, Somerset 
Ivor LanningMale1895Henstridge, Somerset 
Kate LanningFemale1876Henstridge, Somerset 
Laura V. LanningFemale1873Kington Magna, Dorset 
Lillian E. LanningFemale1888Kington Magna, Dorset 
Lucy LanningFemale1831Kington Magna, Dorset 
Robert LanningMale  
Smith LanningMale1847Kington Magna, Dorset