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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alfred AkeMale1894Finghall, Yorkshire 
David E AkeMale1886Finghall, Yorkshire 
David W AkeMale1858Marrick, Yorkshire 
Eliz Evelyn AkeFemale1892Finghall, Yorkshire 
Faith AkeFemale1899Finghall, Yorkshire 
George H AkeMale1888Finghall, Yorkshire 
Henry AkeMale1868Finghall, Yorkshire 
James AkeMale1873Finghall, Yorkshire 
James H AkeMale1899Peterborough, Northamptonshire 
John AkeMale1824Cowden, Yorkshire 
Norman D AkeMale1900Finghall, Yorkshire 
Sarah A AkeFemale1891Finghall, Yorkshire 
Alexis BakerFemale1897Stalbridge, Dorset 
Alice BakerFemale1866Crediton, Devonshire 
Alice BakerFemale1880Bisterne, Hampshire 
Amelia Ann BakerFemale1882Stalbridge, Dorset 
Amy BakerFemale1887Lydlinch, Dorset 
Ann BakerFemale1814Stalbridge, Dorset1893
Ann BakerFemale1818Caundle Bishop, Dorset 
Anna BakerFemale1862Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Annie BakerFemale1880Caundle Bishop, Dorset 
Archibald Howard BakerMale1900Bournemouth, Hampshire 
Archie BakerMale1892Shillingston, Dorset 
Bessie M BakerFemale1880Bucks, Oakley 
Carrie BakerFemale1900West Fleet, Dorset